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Claude Weber has been playing the piano since the age of six. After several years of private piano and organ lessons, he obtained a "Premier Prix" in piano at the Music Conservatory of the City of Luxembourg in the class of Marco Kraus. He then studied with Stan Ford at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst (Mozarteum) in Salzburg and graduated with distinction.

He appears in many concerts as a soloist, as an accompanist and in chamber formation. Preference is given to unusual formations and rarely performed repertoire. The drive to share clarity of musical thought with fellow musicians as well as the audience is always central to his playing.

Since his studies he has always had a great affinity for the Lieder and mélodie repertoire and accompanying singers has become more and more essential. The development and culture of this rich repertoire are increasingly at the centre of his motivations.

In 2019 he created pieces by Catherine Kontz, Tatsiana Zelianko, Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska and Stevie Wishart.

Claude Weber is the pianist of the Ensemble Kalliope which produces literary-musical programs around personalities or literary themes.

The CD with Gerlinde Sämann (soprano) "Und hab' so große Sehnsucht doch", released in 2019 on the Solo Musica label (Munich), is the culmination of a long musical exploration of the Lieder considered lost by the Luxembourg composer Helen Buchholtz (1877-1953). Since the year 2000, Claude Weber in collaboration with other musicians, musicologists and music teachers have gradually presented all of Buchholtz's musical creation during numerous concerts and with a first recording on disc in 2003 with the soprano Mady Bonert.

In 2021, with the German a-cappella ensemble Singer Pur, he recorded a landmark work in the history of Luxembourg music, “Der Geiger von Echternach”, a ballad by Nikolaus Welter, set to music by Lou Koster. The CD was released by the Oehms Classics label.

Claude Weber also has a teacher training. As part of artistic and musical education at school, he participated in the realization of musical-pedagogical projects such as Tschirkolorado (G. Rewenig / C. Kerger) in 1998, Ballo Farfallo (G.Rewenig / J.M. Kieffer) in 2003, Ech si kee béise Wollef (V. Staudt / J.P. Majerus) in 2016 or Der Gedankensammler (M. Feth/ M. Folz in 2021.

As part of Esch 2022 – European Capital of Culture – Claude Weber is the initiator of the project “Le Salon de Helen Buchholtz” whose idea is to revive and reinterpret the idea of “Salon” by emphasizing the character of Helen Buchholtz, her family and her activities, her entourage, her time, her hometown of Esch-sur-Alzette and especially her music while linking this historical heritage to the present and to its European context.

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