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© Tim Heirman

I am a farmer's daughter. The pastoral landscape, soil and nature of my Luxembourg childhood in a close family have made energy and sobriety the stepping stones of my life.

Maybe I wanted to be a violinist, but when I was allowed to take singing lessons at sixteen, the violin disappeared in the case.

Fascinated by the ability of the voice, I studied speech and voice pathology in Brussels. My teacher became my life partner. Subsequently, I wanted to discover where my voice could take me and I pursued a master's degree in music, option singing in Leuven (B). It is with respect and gratitude that I think of An Willems, my voice teacher at the time.

To complete my studies, I worked with Charlotte Lehmann, Philippe Huttenlocher (melody), Mia Besselinck (opera and melody), Harry Van Berne (Italian Baroque between 1600 and 1700) and Rachel Ann Morgan (English song).

My voice is my instrument. My breath gives life to sound and music. My body supports and guides this beauty that I have discovered and want to communicate. The practice of Tai Chi helps me.

Eager as I am, I have sung all kinds of music, as a soloist and in ensembles.

In chamber music, I formed the duo “Les troveresses” with my former harmony teacher and renowned organist Pascale Van Coppenolle, with whom I performed among others the project “Das Weibliche im 17. Jahrhundert”.

With the Luxembourg pianist Claude Weber, I recorded the CD “Mélodies de compositrices luxembourgeoises: Helen Buchholtz et Lou Koster”. Other female composers were also featured in several concerts, such as Rebecca Clarke, Lili Boulanger, Grete Von Zieritz, ...

Since 2018, I have also been working with the composer Marc Michaël De Smet on projects in which the link between poetry and music is central. We are currently on tour in Belgium with “VOORSLAAP: 22 songs by Marc Michaël De Smet on poems by Herman de Coninck”.

I also try to pass on my passion for singing to my students at the “Podiumacademie Lier”.

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