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"Le Salon de Helen Buchholtz" will open its doors on Thursday, September 22, 2022 and Thursday will be for three months the "jour fixe" where the main events will take place.  Activities for schools, studio concerts, master classes, guided tours and events of other partners are distributed over the other days of the week.



Main events

Conferences: Luxembourgish art 1850-1950: Christian Mosar, Helen Buchholtz: Danielle Roster, Architectural heritage: Antoinette Lorang. 

Concert Chamber music (String Quintet): Sandrine Cantoreggi (violin), Yanis Grisó (violin), Sophie Urhausen (viola), Jean Halsdorf (cello), Choul-Won Pyun (double bass)

Liederabende/Recitals focusing on the repertoire of a European region: Gerlinde Sämann / Claude Weber (European women composers), Cyrille Dubois / Tristan Raës (France), André Baleiro / Claude Weber (Portugal), Tim Mead / Claude Weber (UK), Tomáš  Král / Matan Porat (Czech Republic and Austria), Mady Bonert / Claude Weber (Belgium /Netherlands/Luxembourg)

Piano recitals: Annie Kraus / Lynn Orazi, Cathy Krier

Luxembourg literature evening: Myriam Sunnen (CNL, Mersch), Noémie Sunnen, soprano, Tatsiana Molakava, piano

The artistic direction of the project is provided by Claude Weber, pianist

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