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Scientific collaborator at the Centre national de littérature

Myriam Sunnen is a grammar school teacher on secondment to the Centre national de littérature. Her research focuses on André Malraux, to whom she devoted her doctoral thesis (Malraux et le christianisme, Paris, Honoré Champion, 2009, reedited 2015), on Edmond Dune, whose correspondence and prose texts she edited (Éditions Phi, 2021 and 2022), as well as on the relationship between literature and other arts (Texte & Image. Dialogues entre arts visuels et littérature/Schrift & Bild im Dialog. Über Bildkünste und Literatur, edited by Claude D. Conter and Myriam Sunnen, Mersch, Centre national de littérature, 2018).

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