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Women Composers in Luxembourg

Discover musicological research

A workshop for elementary and secondary school students:
explore, combine, understand

Is scientific research complicated and only for university students? Are the results uninteresting for today? Exactly the opposite! And that’s why it is important to get rid of exactly these prejudices!

The goal of the workshop is to give children and young people an understanding of musicological research using practical examples. They themselves become researchers, explore sources, and go in search of clues. Without any previous knowledge, the subject is directly approached: the natural curiosity to solve puzzles serves as a driving force to know the biography and the music of a Luxembourgish composer in a particular way.

Thus, students discover a new professional field with which they have little contact on a daily basis. Working with archives and sources, far from being an outmoded practice, is becoming an actual practice.

The research focuses either on Helen Buchholtz (1877-1953), central figure of the "Salon", or on Béby Kohl-Thommes (1923-2016) who, alongside her compositional activities, mainly was active as a singer (soprano).

The workshop will be multilingual (Luxembourgish, German, French), the linguistic requirements being of course adapted to the level of the classes. No prior musical knowledge is required.

The workshop is offered in two different levels of difficulty:
“Piccolo” version : Fondamental Cycle 4; Secondaire 7e und 6e
“Kontrabass” version: Secondaire 3e, 2e und 1e

The students are accompanied and supported by Noemi Deitz and Marvin Deitz, an experienced musicological team from Hamburg. The associated project manager is Claude Weber, pianist, music pedagogue, and artistic director of the “Salon de Helen Buchholtz”.
The workshop is organized and co-financed by the Sommer Foundation for the MUGILUX project

Composition workshop


Kompositioun vir Kleng a Grouss

This workshop is intended for “Formation musicale” classes in Music Schools and Conservatories.

Dear young musicians,
At the “Salon de Helen Buchholtz”, this composer from Esch-sur-Alzette is in the spotlight. She wrote her music about 100 years ago. Today, there are always musicians who compose new pieces, including Catherine Kontz, who can talk to you at the Salon, about what it was then and what it is today.

Catherine will compose something new with you and show that with a little imagination you can quickly devise a beautiful piece that you can even play or sing right away. You don't need to bring any instruments. Just a bit of good humour and curiosity to discover something new.
2 workshops are offered, adapted to age or musical level. 

Atelier de compositon

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